The  Process

This is how is Villa Borghesi Coffee is created from harvest to packaging.

The  Harvest​

Villa Borghesi harvests its coffee bean from the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil, at the altitude of approximately 3,600 feet above sea level. We use multiple techniques to harvest our beans, including picked by hand and automated harvesting equipment. Our harvesters wait till the coffee bean is at the peak of their growth before they begin the harvesting process. Once harvested the beans are transferred to the production facility within hours to ensure the bean are freshly picked before the next phase of the process.

improvement  Process

There are three steps that the pre-selected VILLA BORGHESI coffee beans go through to ensure only the perfect fruit makes it through to the next process:

  • Selected by size: All bean are process and strained through our automaited straining machine to get a consistance size between 16mm to 18mm
  • Coffee beans with phenol are excluded: This manual process is done by hand with with a black light to expose the fruit that needs to be removed.
  • Coffee beans with defect are excluded: High tech equipment is use to scan each and every coffee fruit for defects before it can pass on to the next phase of processing.
coffee beans

The  Roast

The process begins with the coffee bean been submitted to gradual heat done by one cylindrical rotating roster and heated by gas combustion submitted (the VILLA BORGHESI machines and equipment are not pollutant). As the temperature rises, the residual water inside each cell is converted into vapor, provoking a series of complex chemical reactions, until the liberation of the peptides through the surface of the coffee bean form oil.

The success of the perfect bean is in the monitoring work between the time and temperature of the roast done by VILLA BORGHESI. The only directed way to monitor the oven is by the use of a special thermometer that indicates the temperature of the coffee bean mass during the process.

For a precision and standardization of  the coffee bean color, the VILLA BORGHESI coffee is submitted to a infrared light absorption, to obtain its Agtron number (This is a system that consists in a scale  from 0 to 100, divided at intervals of 10 by 10.  Each number correspond to a coffee bean temperature interval, the higher the roast of the coffee bean is the lower this number will be). The VILLA BORGHESI coffee is between 45 and 55 agtron.

Chilling,  Strain  &  Grinding

This is the step after the roasting process, where the coffee will be taken to an air chiller cold air system. Next, the coffee beans are deposited by a pneumatic elevation in the roasted coffee bean silo. The volatile provenient from the roasted coffee beans are released by the cooler purification system.

The roasted and chilled coffee beans are taken to the vibrating strain to eliminate the broken coffee beans.

Right before the packaging process we ground a portion of the coffee beans for the Villa Borghesi Ground products .

Ground Coffee
Coffee Production


Finally the coffee beans are taken to the measuring machine and packaged according to their different presentations.

All the packages are humidity proof laminated and with one-way degasification (except in the pod format, since they are closed with nitrogen), that eliminates the CO2 from inside the bag and preventing the oxygen from getting inside, retaining the aroma and the flavor for a longer time.