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The world is currently going through a critical stage relating to nature and the environment. Severe climate changes, extinction of species, and lack of natural resources are consequences of environmental disasters caused by humans. These consequences have damaging effects on communities, devastate crops and jeopardize the well being of all future generations. 

Considering this situation and believing that economic and material growth can be possible without harming the environment, Torrefação Jannuzzi, a company that is ecologically friendly and socially fair, is inserted in a sustainable chain, in which all production is in harmony with the preservation of our planet.

"The RAINFOREST ALLIANCE mission is to protect ecosystems, people and wild life, transforming the practices of the soil usage, the business practices and the consumer's behavior"

Villa Borghesi

"Our  mission  is  to  redeem  the  Brazilian  Coffee  Nobleness"

With more than 25 years of experience and competency in the special coffees roast, the Jannuzzi Roasting is nowadays a symbol of the Brazilian coffee’s new directions. Due its high level of professional commitment and its constant search for quality, we could not expect another result but a product that delivers a real coffee experience: The Villa Borghesi Coffee.

President’s  words

Roasting is one of the most important steps in high quality coffee elaboration.

It is responsible for preserving quality blend attributes, such as aroma, flavor, sweetness, velvety, body, etc.. JANNUZZI ROASTING developed an exclusive bean processing system which today is a benchmark for medium roast standards.

20 years of hard work in developing techniques for high quality coffee bean roasting, can only make JANNUZZI ROASTING proud of having VILLA BORGHESI coffee as fruit of this work.

Marcos Jannuzzi
President / Founder