Roasted Ground Coffee – 4.4 oz


Cultivated in the best coffee producing regions in Brazil, Villa Borghesi coffee combines the perfect balance of timely harvesting and time honored classic coffee bean processing to produce the perfect tasting cup of coffee.

With each harvest, the beans are carefully selected and then sent to the crucial phase of roasting. The Roast is the most important phase with regards to the aroma and flavor Villa Borghesi produces. Once the roasting is complete we carefully package our products to maximize freshness while being shipped to our coffee connoisseurs.

Contents: (1) 4.4 oz Roasted Ground Coffee in Cardboard Packaging

“A new concept in quality coffee”

We highlight the citric sweet flavor that this extraction process causes at the end of the beverage.

Most usual types of roasted and ground coffee extraction:

Paper filter and electric coffeemaker: use the quantity of three tablespoons of roasted ground coffee for each 8.5 oz of water. Keep this proportion for bigger volumes of coffee.

French Press: the use of three tablespoons of coffee is recommended to make four cups of the beverage.

Espresso coffeemaker: use the proportion of two tablespoons of fine ground coffee to make two cups of the beverage.

Bialetti: it’s recommended to use one tablespoon of coffee for each cup of the beverage.

Tips for a high quality coffee:

  • Do not boil the water. It causes bitterness. Turn off the fire when the bottom of the recipient is full of little air bubbles. In this phase the temperature will be perfect, between 195 and 205 degrees.
  • Use the proper grinding for your coffeemaker. This way you will avoid that your coffee gets bitter if grounded too thin or watered when too gross.
  • Make sure you check the date of roasting on the package to make sure the product is fresh. The Villa Borguesi Coffee is packaged with a valve system that guarantees its quality for six months. This way you will always taste the best freshness and quality that the beverage has to offer.

Coffee is good for health

Coffee has, in its composition, natural and beneficial stimulants:

  • Recovers the mood
  • Strike tiredness
  • Stimulates the state of alert
  • Improves memory
  • Increases the level of attention and the cognitive function

The Certification

The Jannuzzi Roasting attends to all requirements of a responsible and concerned company with the environment and that is why it is certified by the RAINFOREST ALLIANCE.


“The RAINFOREST ALLIANCE mission is to protect ecosystems, people and wild life, transforming the practices of the soil usage, the business practices and the consumer’s behavior”

Weight 4.4 oz


Harvest Region

State of Minas Gerais, Brazil, in the altitude of 1.100 m


100% Arabica from Catuai varieties: Red, Yellow, and Mundo Novo


Medium (Agtron 45 to 55)


Chocolate flavor and thin residual caramel flavor


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